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CrayonMan will have the Contact, Classroom Visits & Professor Noodles McDoodles page completed soon.

Come back soon & have a Crayontastic day!

While you wait, check out Professor Noodles McDoodles below left and the closing segment of the "Yes I Can" with CrayonMan TV Show below right

Closing of the CrayonMan Show

Each show has a closing statement by CrayonMan including his special message to kids and then....blast off!

If you want, fill out the form below to receive emails from CrayonMan.

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Be a part of the fun. Check out the other web pages including the TV Show, the CrayonMan Fan Club, the Kids Drawing Gallery, "Draw-with-CrayonMan" segments, contests, prizes and even how you can have CrayonMan's Art Teacher, "Professor Noodles McDoodles" to come to your school or party! 

All you have to do is send CrayonMan a message at's that easy!

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