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CrayonMan will have the Club, Contests, Gallery & Prizes page completed soon. Come back & have a Crayontastic day!

While you wait, watch below to learn about some "Whiz Kids" from the TV Show

Watch this collage of CrayonMan's "Whiz Kid' segment

If you've never seen the "Yes I Can" with CrayonMan TV Show then you have to check out this video collage of the Whiz Kid segment.

Be a part of the fun. Check out the other web pages including the TV Show, the CrayonMan Fan Club, the Kids Drawing Gallery, "Draw-with-CrayonMan" segments, contests, prizes and even how you can have CrayonMan's Art Teacher, "Professor Noodles McDoodles" to come to your school or party! 

All you have to do is send CrayonMan a message at's that easy!

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