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CrayonMan will have this "Draw-with-Me" page completed soon...Come back and have a Crayontastic day!

While you wait, CrayonMan wants you to practice while watching these segments

Keep drawing with CrayonMan...A "Rabbaroo Mantis"

Draw with CrayonMan a "Rabbaroo Mantis" crayonimal

Crayonimal "Chirping Tigaroo" Draw-with-CrayonMan

Another 'Draw-with-CrayonMan' of a tiger, kangaroo and bird...have fun!

Draw a Crayonimal with CrayonMan - this one is a Laughing Hicrayonosaur

Another 'Draw-with-CrayonMan" segment. Draw along or watch a Laughing Hicrayonosaur crayonimal come to life! Can you guess what 3 animals make up this crayonimal?

Draw with CrayonMan a Cha-ingo-affe!

Another Crayonimal...another chance to draw with CrayonMan. And look for CrayonMan's buckaroo buddy, Cowboy Billy.

Draw with CrayonMan - Hissing BlubberBird

Draw along with CrayonMan or just watch him draw a Crayonimal...this one is a Hissing Blubberbird!

Be a part of the fun. Check out the other web pages including the TV Show, the CrayonMan Fan Club, the Kids Drawing Gallery, "Draw-with-CrayonMan" segments, contests, prizes and even how you can have CrayonMan's Art Teacher, "Professor Noodles McDoodles" to come to your school or party! 

All you have to do is send CrayonMan a message at's that easy!

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